The first 100% Argentinian capital refining company with its own oil pipeline.
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About us

We are the first Argentinian refining company with a wholesale distribution system at national level.. We have the participation (20%) of La Pampa government through Pampetrol Sapem S.A.
Super petrol

REFIPAMPA - Ficha Técnica - Nafta Super - Grado 2

Ensures the demand of modern engines with 95 octane.

Premium petrol

REFIPAMPA - Ficha Técnica - Nafta Super - Grado 2

Produces longer engine life with 98 octane.


REFIPAMPA - Ficha Técnica - Diesel - Grado 2

Guarantees a better cold start and less environmental pollution.

Diesel Max

REFIPAMPA - Ficha Técnica - Diesel Max- Grado 3

Contains higher cetane index and low sulfur content.

IFO 60

REFIPAMPA - Ficha Técnica IFO 60

It is used in large diesel engines and for power generation in boilers.

IFO 380

REFIPAMPA - Ficha Técnica IFO 380

We carry out the fuel refining process for marine engines.

Fuel Oil

REFIPAMPA - Ficha Técnica - Fuel Oil

It is a residual component for the consumption of certain industries.


Colonia 25 de Mayo

Our 17-hectare premises are in located the heart of the Pampeana oil region. We have logistics and storage plants strategically located to enable us to reach the main agricultural, hydrocarbon, industrial, commercial, and touristic centers in the country.

Junín Storage Plant

We have a base of operations with a capacity of 3.283 m³ for storage and supply of liquid fuels, with arrival and departure of trucks for loading and unloading goods.


We carry more than 1.000 million liters of processed crude. We are associated with Pampetrol Sapem S.A., a public limited company which works to improve the utilization of hydrocarbon resources in the province of La Pampa.


We have signed an agreement with Softtek to implement a System which allows us to digitalize internal processes in our company to be more efficient, agile and reliable when taking decisions.

The agreement includes sales, logistics, finance, and management control.

The significant diversification of our customer base and commercialization channels allows us to keep a stable activity during most of the year.


Employees from La Pampa


own premises   


millions of investment


To produce and competitively commercialize quality products and services, to supply those markets in which the Company is involved; thus, guaranteeing efficiency in every process and striving to meet our customers’ needs.


This partnership strives to consolidate itself as one of the main refining companies in the country, within a framework of permanent and sustainable growth, characterized by innovation, efficiency, excellence in its quality standards and its employees’ pride of belonging.


The implementation and regulation of our ethical and reliability values allow us to reach the best performance in the long run.
Our values are Innovation, Pride of belonging, Reliability, Sustainability, Excellence and Efficiency.

Exclusive supply

VOY CON ENERGÍA is our official marketer and strategic partner to supply its fuel service stations network and all those areas which need energy for their activities. We have two main channels for commercialization: Industry and Retail.

LUBRAX exclusive commercialization

We are Lubrax official distributors and marketers in Argentina. We have achieved a strategic alliance with the lubricants market leader, which has wide experience regarding the highest international quality, in relation to technological innovation, prestige, and accessibility.

Permanent Innovation

We strive to improve the refining process and to keep incorporating new equipment.

 The new CD-1101 distillation column will allow us to quadruple fuel production. This means an important improvement for the “New Topping” work, which Will also allow us to get GLP (liquid petroleum gas) to offer in the market.

The work is 70% advanced. It already has the last level of the main structure and the main interchanges, the pressure vessels, and the auxiliary towers. At the same time, we have also moved ahead with the construction of the furnace processes and the flare. Later, we will continue with the interconnection of equipment with piping, for which we are pre manufacturing spools.

Redundant control system

It prevents any point of failure from stopping the System during its operation.

Variable speed pumps

The pump System varies its speed or revolutions per minute by means of an electronic control.

High degree of automation

We have optimized procedures to reduce accident risks and generate less environmental impact.

Caloric recovery

The efficient use of energy plays a major role in the Process we carry out.


We carry out different activities which allow us to reinforce knowledge and internal action processes in case of emergency.

 We have fixed fire protection systems and foaming systems to visualize the functioning and its importance for oxygen (O2) inhibition during fire.

We have carried out the first effluents system expansion, thus meeting the need for greater sewage storage with an investment cost of  US$ 39.000 and a capacity of 500m3 usable.

Spill on earth drill

Within the framework of the Quinquenal 21/25 Plan project from La Pampa’s Government, we have carried out this drill with the aim of training response teams in case of an incident produced by the overturning of a truck which transports goods coming from our refining.

The main aims of the activity were to prepare personnel to face this kind of situation, spill contention, fire risks prevention, care to the wounded (first aid), answer keys, hazardous substances communications and management.

This exercise met expectations and was carried out with full success.

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Oficinas Administrativas

Olga cossettini 1071, CABA

Planta de Almacenamiento Junín

Ruta 7 km 262,5, Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Refinería Refipampa

RP N° 20 y RN N° 151 – Colonia 25 de Mayo, La Pampa

Yacimiento petrolífero Vaca Muerta

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Administrative Headquarters

Olga Cossettini 1071
3er Piso – CABA, Argentina

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RP N° 20 y RN N° 151 – Colonia 25 de Mayo, La Pampa